A mobile process automation

solution integrated with SAP


Simple, secure automation

SAN Mobile® – 100% integrated mobile application with SAP PM, automating simply and securely, everything is done on an easy platform with fast and intuitive multi-language offline and online access, minimizing process errors and making them reliable data.

Our goal is to provide a mobile device interface for maintenance teams to perform queries, updates, data releases, order confirmations in real time.

Mobile application that integrates online records, maintenance and operational releases with SAP.
Access control features and workflow follow the SAP standard.

Increased maintenance staff labor productivity and reduced repair times

Automate your processes safely and simply, all on friendly, fast and intuitive platforms. Minimize errors and reduce time spent on highly transactional processes in SAP.

With SAN Mobile teams will be able to access and update Maintenance Orders, Equipment information and Installation Locations, all through a mobile device giving mobility and agility in the execution of services.

The application controls access to functionality automatically from the access profile in SAP.

Why SAN Mobile?



Unification of systems / processes, flexibility and effectiveness, fast filling through an intuitive system.


Cost reduction

Optimization and reduction of labor costs, portability and agility.



Online and real time security with data loss reduction, 100% integrated with SAP ECC / HANA.

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